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In this course, you will learn everything that is needed for you to become a Pro React JS developer in a hands-on step by step approach.

There is no prerequisite for this course.

Everything will be taught from scratch with practical examples.

You will learn to install the required software needed for the development.

You will learn how to create components in React.

You will learn to integrate Boostrap with React project, you will also learn to use React Bootstrap and use the components.

You will learn to do routing using react router dom between different components.

You will learn to install different npm modules.

You will learn the lifecycle of a React application and how different components interact with each other.

You will also learn to create a general page for non existent urls.

You will learn to use Visual Studio Code editor for frontend development.

Following are the topics that will be covered in React JS and Bootstrap:

  • 2.1-create new react app and understand project structure

  • 2.2-project cleanup

  • 2.3-installing bootstrap and react vscode extension

  • 2.4-create home about contact page

  • 2.5-creating navbar component

  • 2.6-adding react-router-dom and different routes

  • 2.7-Link and NavLink to avoid page reload

  • 2.8-Designing About and Contact page

  • 2.9-Page not found

  • 2.10-Bootstrap vs React-Bootstrap

  • 2.11-Using custom styling

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