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Learn A Few Fundamentals of JavaScript to Get Started


This is an entire module preview of my JavaScript – Learn the Language of the Web Course.


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Learn the Language of the Web Enjoyably!


This preview gives you a detailed inside about JavaScript, and why you should learn it. It teaches you the basics of how a program is structured and how to define variables and work with them.


You will take a dive into the history of JavaScript. How JavaScript programs are written and why. Learn about the fundamental data types, the differences, and how to create them. A few practical examples are also included.


The entire course comprises


Go from Zero to Hero and get you built your own applications


Build your own first web games & web applications


15 Modules with 87 Video Lectures and >20h of Video Content


to get you from zero to hero


22 In-Depth Examples


exciting examples & assignments from your favorite tv shows and movies (TAAHM, Narcos, Simpsons)


18 Assignments


>200 Quiz Questions


Including Graduation Exercise


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