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Complete guide on how to become an online teacher, working from home, finding new students and earning extra income!


Do you want to teach your language live and online?


Do you like working from home?


Do you need help to start to teach?


Are you motivated to make extra money by teaching?


A course for every online language teacher – no degree needed!


Wherever you are in the world, whatever your language is, whatever your teaching experience is: this course will help you step by step to successfully teach your language online, and how to earn money by teaching online. You can only teach 2 hours a week or work full time via your computer. No Bachelor degree? No problem. This course is for anyone who wants to follow training to teach.


Teacher training: how to become an online teacher


I’ve taught thousands of students myself. Using my experience as an online language teacher, I’ll guide you on where to find students, how to reach out and how to teach them and attract even more students. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for English teaching jobs or if you’re a foreign language teacher. The course will also focus on adult teaching but the lessons can be applied to children as well.


This online course has the following lessons:


choose your lessons’ topics


use different techniques to make your students talk


structure your language lessons


give the right homework to your students


correct your students successfully


apply methods to customise your lessons to your students


how to find students for online teaching


successfully apply to be a teacher on an online platform


know which equipment you need to teach online


set up a place where to teach


find the right price for your lessons using a price strategy


market yourself to increase bookings


What are you still waiting for? Get ready to get into teaching!


Happy learning,




Who this course is for:

Teachers or persons interested to teach languages, no degree needed

Willing to earn extra income by teaching online

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