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A Complete Guide to build Startup from Scratch and got it Funded. Earn For Yourself. Be Your Own Boss.


Whatever you are thinking about an Idea, you are always RIGHT. You have the Right Idea. The human mind is efficient to produce many ideas. The Idea that can change the World. The Idea that can change the behavior of human. Any idea can become a business. Have you ever thought of Facebook as an Idea, that has changed the behavior of people in the world. Think about that Fb idea, People not only connect, but also getting married “virtually” using Facebook. Fb is the same idea where 1 billion people sit at the same time to connect with each other.


Facebook is real now, it was just an Idea.


Have you ever thought whatever you think in your mind, a question, Google Search will have a reply to your question.


Google is real now, it was just an Idea.


It was in the news, that People are also able to find Lost people using Google. How Human Ideas are changing this entire World for the betterment. Any Idea you are thinking today, somebody has already thought somewhere else and trying to execute it. Let’s connect with them and build something together. Google has a culture to allow their employees to spend 20% of their time into research and that’s how GMAIL born. Gmail was an idea and an experiment by group of people and now everybody can’t live without having GMAIL. Look around and you will find many ideas that has become “reality” now. What is the approach, how to pursue and persist, that’s what I am going to tell you in this course.


This course will tell how the idea gets evolved to become the Startup. I had two startups and my unique ideas became startup that was funded twice. I will share my experience in this course what you need to focus to make your Idea works.


I will tell you how you can execute your idea, what steps you must take. In my own entrepreneurship journey, I worked on an idea which didn’t exist in my country. I have shared with you my videos which will explain you bootstrapped way of running start that does not require large fund to start but you have to experiment and create new market. I believe that you must create new market when you have solution of the problem of customers.


In this course, I have sections from “building an idea” to “getting funding” from investor. This course is my experience of running startup from scratch, bootstrapped to funding and exit.






Who this course is for:

Students who want to start “new” business or startup.

Entrepreneurs who want to build startup around an idea and getting it Funded.

Businessman who needs tips for new innovative ideas.

Writers who want to know how startups are born.

Startups ready for Funding and investments

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