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Create your own first VA in python. How to create a chatbot in python. How to build a virtual assistant with pyhton


Hello and welcome to this class


In this project you will learn how to build your first virtual assistant VA in python in less then 90 minutes.


This is a great small project to get started (even if you have little or no prior knowledge in python) and learning opportunity.


Learning through your own little projects is the best and most enjoying way to improve your skills.


In the world of today we all already use Virtual Assistants like Alexa, Siri, Google and others more and more in our daily lifes. It’s convenient nd this will only increase the next few years. So wouldn’t it be interesting to learn the fundamentals to create our own VA?


This is exactly the goal of this class and it makes a lot of fun doing it. We can ask our Virtual Assistant to play songs, search youtube, return stock quotes and many other things.


Doesn’t that sound intersting?


So let’s don’t waste any time and start working on this project together. Every step is explained so no worries! Just get started.


You can also add this project to your own portfolio later on to show potential employers your skills!


What are you waiting for?


Let’s do it!


Who this course is for:

Everyone interested in building a Virtual Assistant

Everyone interested in how to build a Chatbot

Everyone interested in starting programming and looking for a funny project

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