Hi guys, welcome to Indonesian Language – From Hero to Zero course. Whether you are interested in traveling to Indonesia for vacation in near future, or you might be interested in Indonesian art, culture, history, etc, or you might be planning to relocate to Indonesia permanently, or you might just want to learn new language since that’s your hobby, whatever your reason might be, this course is certainly the right stepping stone for you to transform you from not knowing even a single word in Indonesian language to be able to communicate fluently, knowing more than 800 words, understand the basic fundamental of Indonesian grammars as well as forming the right sentence structure. Despite, learning new language can be pretty hard and boring especially if you don’t implement the right strategy, nonetheless, this course will totally change your perspective on learning new language, since it was created and designed to be extremely engaging and super fun where you will constantly be challenged to accomplish your objectives however we will do it step by step to avoid you getting overwhelmed since there will be a lot of thing to be learnt.

This course also puts a heavy emphasis on learning by doing, therefore, instead of spending too much time on learning theory of Indonesian language, we will definitely spend more time learning by doing case study and example sentences where you will get to apply things which you’ve learnt. The course consists of three major parts and each part is as important as the others, those three parts are pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. Although each part is important, however, we will spend most of our time on vocabulary since it would be required to build solid foundations before moving our concentration on other components like grammar or pronunciation.

Below are the breakdown of things you can expect to learn from the course:

  • Fun facts and country profile of Indonesia

  • Indonesian alphabet pronunciation

  • Basic vocabulary 1

  • Basic vocabulary 2

  • Basic vocabulary 3

  • Intermediate vocabulary 1

  • Intermediate vocabulary 2

  • Daily conversation scenario 1

  • Daily conversation scenario 2

  • Daily conversation scenario 3

  • Basic Indonesian grammars

  • Forming a sentence with the right structure

  • Practice: reading and interpreting a paragraph

  • Few tips and tricks to learn Indonesian language

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