New year, new skills (and a BIG sale)

Becoming famous does not require luck or patience. It’s science.

Learn the secrets of fame from marketing superstar Dekker Fraser. He has over 1/2 million enrollments. His brands were reviewed by top influencers including the #1 YouTuber PewDiePie. His colleagues include a YouTuber who suddenly hit 8,000,000 subscribers. Dekker is regularly solicited for brand partnership deals, partnerships, and more.

Dekker was a former global brand manager for Sony PlayStation, author of numerous marketing books, college marketing instructor, and VP of marketing for a Google accelerator startup. He has an MBA from the #1-ranked business school for marketing, Philip Kotler’s Kellogg School of Management.

Fame requires that you focus on a few key activities that will generate the widest reach. It also requires content that is designed to make people remember you for the long-term. The following course presents evidence-based advice on how you too can become famous through Instagram marketing and other techniques.

Learn how to become a famous influencer through YouTube, books, Instagram marketing, TikTok, and more in this groundbreaking course on the science of fame!

Learn from a former Fortune 500 brand manager & influencer with over 1/2 million enrollments. Dekker Fraser is regularly solicited for brand sponsorships and had brands he managed reviewed by top influencers including PewDiePie.


  • Why the Mona Lisa became famous (hint: it’s not because it’s a great painting)

  • How to get a lot of followers quickly

  • How Jordan Peterson reached $100,000/month in just 18 months

  • The secrets of successful social media superstars

  • What the most robust research says about getting famous

  • Best practices with influencer marketing

  • How to build a famous personal brand on Instagram, YouTube & other channels

  • How to generate word-of-mouth

  • Why most advice on getting famous is wrong: e.g., “create lots of content” or “go viral”

  • How viral marketing really works

  • YouTube marketing

  • Video marketing

  • How to become an influencer!

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Dekker Fraser, MBA

Key marketing topics…

  • Social media influencer

  • Blogging and influencer marketing

  • Influencer marketing for becoming famous

  • Instagram influencer

  • Instagram marketing

  • TikTok influencer

  • Social media influencer

  • Influencers

  • Social media marketing

  • Social media management

  • Social media content creation (for maximum reach)

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