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How to use the internet and social media tools to do the work of God


The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ‘new normal’ has gone a long way to redefine how we interact and communicate with each other. Though the internet and technology have been of use and relevance to how we do business and also spread the gospel for many years now, the pandemic really brought these technologies to the front seat and we just have to find out ways we can make use of these tools as Christian ministers and even as business people.


I run a Christian organization and it’s what I can call a ‘Click-Only’ organization – We use principally the internet to spread the gospel of Jesus, solves the problems of the people and the society, and deliver the message that God has given to us.


We have achieved tremendous growth and reached lots of people with the message in many ways over the years. We recently celebrated 10 years of solving problems with books and information products. We have used the internet principally to deliver ebooks and information products.


This online course is designed to help you if you are:


1. A Christian


2. A Christian minister of the gospel.


3. An evangelist


4. A pastor of a church congregation


5. A church planter


6. Planning to go into ministry work




This Christian online course will help you to:


1. Set up a simple website as an online office for your organization. You don’t need to pay anyone to do this.


2. Write and publish ebooks on some of the major online platforms. These ebooks can spread the message of your ministry very fast and can even bring in side income for your ministry.


3. Publish podcasts and get them distributed online. You can reach lots of people with your podcast on a monthly basis. You will learn how to use your smartphones and apps to record your podcasts.


4. Record and publish videos to distribute the gospel. Video distribution and marketing is the main deal now online. You can begin to communicate with people via videos. You will learn how to use your mobile phones and apps to record videos.


5. Use social media extensively to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ


6. Set up an email newsletter in order to keep constantly in touch with people with the message


7. How to set up an email newsletter subscription on your website.


8. And many more…


This online course will be constantly updated as we find and use more online channels and technology to


propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The internet and technology provide the opportunity for us to obey and act upon the instruction of our Lord Jesus to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth.


I want you to enroll for this today and let us meet in the classroom.


Who this course is for:

Minsiters of the Gospel of Jesus



Ministry workers

Christian community


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