In this course you can learn about iOS 16, Swift 5, iOS App Development using UIKit & SwiftUI and latest frameworks from Apple, best engineering and industry practices on how to develop iOS apps that scale.

The course has 170+ downloadable Xcode project resources, 10+ live coding exercises, 4+ coding challenges, 5+ quizzes, 2 practice tests, 4+ iOS apps and 165+ course materials such as video course lectures, slides and external references to help solidify course materials.

The main focus of the course will be:

  • get familiar with iOS development environment: Xcode 14 and iOS 16

  • learn what’s new in iOS 16

  • learn fundamentals of Swift5

  • learn about Swift Charts

  • learn about CoreData & UserDefaults

  • learn how to build apps using Storyboards, SwiftUI and programmatically

  • master best engineering and industry practices related to iOS development

  • learn how to use popular iOS frameworks: Combine, MapKit, CoreLocation

  • get experience building apps with Networking using Alamofire and URLSession

  • learn how to build UI both using Autolayout and programmatically using PureLayout

  • get experience with design patterns such as MVC & MVVM

  • learn how to use Notifications & Delegates

  • learn how regular expressions in Swift 5.7 work

    Swift is a powerful language that Apple recommends to use for iOS development. We will explore basics and fundamentals of Swift 5 language in addition to learning more advanced concepts in Swift 5.

We will learn through examples how to use important components of iOS (Table Views, Collection Views, Text Views, Buttons, Text Fields).

We will learn how to use the latest SwiftUI to build iOS apps. SwiftUI is a next generation tool developed by Apple that can be helpful to build iOS app fast in using responsive and declarative statements. Combine is one of the latest additions from Apple that can be used effectively in apps to react to different events.

One of the important best practices of development is to use unit tests. Hence, we will also learn how to write unit tests in iOS.

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