What you may study


  • JavaScript Placement
  • JavaScript Output
  • JavaScript Variables
  • JavaScript Assignment & Arithmetic Operations
  • JavaScript Data Types & Objects
  • JavaScript Math Functions
  • JavaScript Arrays, Array Attributes, and Array Splicing
  • Joining & Sorting Arrays
  • JavaScript Conditional Statements and Comparisons
  • JavaScript Loops (For-In, While, Do-While, Break & Continue)
  • JavaScript Functions & Events
  • jQuery Selectors (ID, Class, Other)
  • jQuery Events, Multiple Event Handlers, Hiding-Showing, Toggle, Fades, Slides
  • jQuery Animations
  • jQuery Stop, Callback Functions, Chaining, Draggables, Accordion Menus
  • jQuery Get Content, Set Content, Append and Prepend
  • jQuery Add, Remove, & Toggle Class
  • Course content material

Welcome to the JavaScript & jQuery – Certification Course for Beginners

This course provides a complete information into the basics of coding utilizing JavaScript and jQuery. These highly effective languages can be utilized so as to add animated, dynamic shopper-facet performance to any net web page.

The JavaScript part of the course takes college students on a journey that begins proper from the fundamentals. This consists of JavaScript placement, and embedding External JavaScript code. From there, we transfer into variable declaration and operators for performing arithmetic. We additionally have a look at the order of operations, and completely different information varieties. Students then transfer into extra superior subjects equivalent to:

JavaScript Objects

Arrays, and Array Attributes

Conditional Statements

JavaScript Comparisons and Booleans

JavaScript Loops, Functions, and Events

The second part of the course takes an in-depth look into jQuery. This is the place college students can take their improvement abilities to the subsequent degree, by including interactivity to static parts. We begin with foundational ideas equivalent to embedding jQuery, and varied selectors. We then discover jQuery occasions, Animations, advanced capabilities, and way more.

If you have an interest in enhancing your net improvement abilities, then look no additional.

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