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Scratch is a free block coding website for kids, developed by the MIT Media Lab. Scratch is its own programming language


Students will learn basic programming constructs like commands, sequencing and get comfortable with drag and drop function. They will get familiarized with sprites and various code blocks in Sprite Lab. They will also use the concept of time and direction with the help of various code org exercises.


Topic covered


Drag and drop function


Block coding






Algorithm, events


Time and direction




Logic building with Scratch


About Scratch Programming

Scratch is a free block coding website for kids, developed by the MIT Media Lab. Scratch is its own programming language and consists of the graphical block that snaps together.


In addition, Scratch has a large online community where children can program and share interactive media such as games, stories, and animation with people from all across the globe. The Scratch platform is designed especially for kids aged 8 to 16. Younger children can also try ScratchJr, a simplified version of Scratch designed for ages 5 to 7.


With today’s resources, basic computer programming is now fairly easy to master. Even five-year-olds can pick up the fundamentals of code via the visual block interfaces.


Programming is nothing more than telling your computer what to do in a language that the machine understands. Most children understand that, and that’s why it is so easy for them to pick up the skill and start writing functional code in no time.


Note: The course is intended for purchase by adults. Those under 18 but above the age of consent may use the services only if a parent or guardian opens their account, handles any enrollments, and manages their account usage.


Who this course is for:


Grade 1-5

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