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Intense course to learn Apache Spark with lots of hands on, in-depth internals, running spark on cloud and much more.


This course is designed in such a manner to cover basics to advanced concept to learn Apache Spark 3.x in most efficient and concise manner. This course will be beneficial for beginners as well as for those who already know Apache Spark. It covers in-depth details about spark internals, datasets, execution plan, Intellij IDE, EMR cluster with lots of hands on.


This course is designed for Data Engineers and Architects who are willing to design and develop a Bigdata Engineering Projects using Apache Spark. It does not require any prior knowledge of Apache Spark or Hadoop. Spark Architecture and fundamental concepts are explained in details to help you grasp the content of this course. This course uses the Scala programming language which is the best language to work with Apache Spark.


This course covers:


Intro to Big data ecosystem


Spark Internals in details


Understanding Spark Drivers, executors.


Understanding Execution plan in details


Setting up environment on Local/Google cloud


Working with Spark Dataframes


Working with Intellij IDE


Running Spark on EMR cluster (AWS Cloud)


Advanced Dataframe examples


Working with RDD


RDD examples


By the end of this course, you’ll be able to answer any spark interview question and will be able to run code that analyzes gigabytes worth of information in Apache Spark in a matter of minutes.


Who this course is for:

Software Engineers who want to learn Apache Spark

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