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The course includes all the tools within the program with hands-on training on each tool separately..

It will include designing a project from the beginning…from the first thought of the idea, preparing the icons and images, and how to deal with them in the best possible way.

The content will also include the method of designing the wireframe in all its possible types and the best ways.. as well as the design of user paths and the way to design them using the program and the best possible methods..

The most important points included in the course are:

  • Dealing with the basic interface of the program.
  • How to create a workspace and create pages.
  • Know all the possible tools separately and know the shortcuts
  • User paths and how to design them
  • How to prepare icons and images
  • Wireframe design (Low fidelity, and High Fidelity)
  • How to save projects and share them with developers
  • How to write comments within the program.
  • How the Components works.
  • How the variants works.
  • How to add the plugins. (And suggest some plugins)
  • Design a project from start to finish.
  • How to create a prototype, Add effects between pages.
  • Add icons and images for the project included in the course for ease of training.
  • And more in the course.