Basic Hindi Language through English

What you’ll learn

  • Anyone who wants to learn Hindi
  • Basic Hindi
  • Lean the alphabets and words in Hindi
  • Basic conversation in Hindi & English
  • Basic letters/ Words/grammar/sentences/ Conversation,etc in Hindi

Have you a beginner trying to come to grips with this amazing Language been you an everyday user who wants to learn to use Hindi effectively and efficiently to save time? If your answer is yes to either of the questions, then this course is what you have been looking for! Is a powerful Language which allows you to make impressive conversation using its various words & Sentences which are thoroughly explained in the course, Giving you a very clear understanding of its use and implementations.

Some of the features covered in the course are:

  • Alphabets
  • Words & Meanings
  • Diacritic Marks
  • Numbers
  • Names of:
  • Color
  • Cereals
  • Animals
  • Building
  • Human Body parts
  • Spices
  • Birds
  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • flowers
  • Instruments
  • Important words
  • Basic Greetings
  • Basic Grammar
  • Noun
  • pronoun
  • Adverb
  • verb
  • conjugation Verb
  • Conjunction
  • Preposition
  • tense
  • Expression
  • Phases
  • Many type of Sentences
  • Many type of Conversation
  • Quiz

The course is covered in an easy and lucid language, making it easier to understand the concepts, at the same time the exercise links are attached to the course which will allow you to go in tandem with the instructor and making sure that the topic is understood thoroughly. So what are you waiting for take this course and see yourself Speak & understand working more efficiently than ever!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn new language
  • Anyone who wants to learn Basic Hindi Language
  • Anyone who wants to learn Basic letters/ Words/sentences/ Conversation, etc. in Hindi

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