Quickly learn the fundamental of building a robust RESTFul API with NodeJS based on an efficient professional architecture pattern, and then, see how to plug your API with a client which you will also learn how to build. A client built with the latest React and Bootstrap versions.

You will learn how to build a backend API from scratch and build a client that will speak to your API through HTTP protocol.

  • Communicate with your backend. HTTP and HTTP methods and codes.

  • How to validate the input data validation.

  • How to request some API endpoints easily

  • How to test your API gradually.

  • How to design a flexible and solid API architecture.

  • How to secure and optimize your API professionally (with the packages you absolutely need to know).

  • CORS on your API.

  • Building a client from scratch with React JS.

  • Calling the CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete) endpoints from your client.

  • How to document the API endpoints with JSDoc and OpenAPI.

  • And so much more will be covered in this course.

This JavaScript course will also cover some great packages that will change your life during the development of an API efficiently.

You will learn to create very easily a design in a matter of minutes, without any complicated CSS (just a few reusable components).

You will learn how to embrace the power of “styled-components”.

You will be able to add as many pages as needed in your React application thanks to React Router Dom.

At the end of this course, you will be comfortable enough to create an API from scratch by yourself, implement new endpoints, being comfortable with many packages (such as logging, rate-limiter, Yup schema validation, …).

Icing on the cake, you will be confident to create a frontend client from scratch and use those endpoints to interact with the backend on your frontend JavaScript application.

At the end of the course, you will even learn how you can create different unit tests for your API.

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