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In this course you will be able to understand the normal functioning of organs occuring in human body.

You will be able to solve all case studies accordingly

You will be able to diagnose a problem

You will be able to identify where exactly the abnormality is

You will understand how a particular system works in our body

You will understand every topic in am easy way.

There is no need to cram at all.

To ensure that you will understand well that how human body works.

Understand each function of the body organ

Explain mechanisms by which each function occurs related to the anatomy and histology pf each organ.

To explain the fundamental mechanisms that occuring in living organisms and how they interact.

Creating new knowledge

Develop the understanding of each and every thing

Push students towards healthy learning.

Demonstrate thorough understanding of what is happening in our body and the normal physiology of each organ system of our body.

Regulation and homeostasis

It covers organs and their anatomy

Different cells and their function in human body and all the biological compounds and how they all work together to make life possible

Convergence of physiology with the pathology

Pathology describes the condition during which the disease state whereas physiology os the state of normal mechanisms occuring in the body of human being.



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