No background knowledge is required for this course.

This is the complete course you need: starting from the alphabet, we learn how to read and write Italian – then we move to simple sentences up to more advance ones.

Each lesson has a different topic – come back whenever you need it!

From beginner to intermediate levels, all Italian learners can get this course.

I will take you through different conversations and vocabulary based on daily life needs like introducing yourself, formal vs. informal conversations, common daily life situations and cultural insights.

This is a new born course, advance lessons will be uploaded during the next months. Thanks to my experience in Italy, I’m aware of Italian learners’ difficulties and needs. Therefore, my lessons are practical, immediate to understand! Even starting from a basic level, you will gain the ability to understand and communicate with native speakers.

For each lesson, there is a downloadable PDF file, in which you can find the gist of the lesson. Keep it handy to facilitate your learning!

This course is in a continuous update, so expect more content and material in the future!
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the course and Italian. I would be glad to answer you.
Enjoy learning Italian!

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