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Complete Analytics Guide: Basic to Pro

What you’ll learn

  • LEARN the concept of Analytics and its applications in depth
  • GET pro with the usage of R in Analytics
  • UNDERSTAND the process of downloading and updating R and get skilled in working with it
  • ACQUIRE the knowledge of handling large amounts of data without difficulty
  • COMPREHEND to enter, read, export, and import the data
  • GET the knowledge to handle different types of data and its structure
  • HANDLING packages and learn to install, remove, attach and detach it.
  • LEARN to manage the large amount of data
  • MASTER the concept of descriptive statistics that includes mean, median, mode, standard deviation etc.
  • ACQUIRE the skill to develop strategies for your business that help you reach your goal.
  • GET the knowledge of presenting the data graphically using different graphs that help in the analyzation of the data
  • ACQUIRE the skill to solve the concerns of the business that helps in smooth functioning of it
  • GET proficient in taking decisions that are data-driven and increase the company’s ROI
  • EVALUATE company’s performance with the help of factors like Liquidity, Solvency, Profitability, and Growth ratios.
  • BECOME a successful Analyst in the nick of time

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