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This course is about using Google Sheets to analyze and understand systems around you. In this case, the lottery system.

Google Sheets is a free spreadsheet program from Google that allows you to analyze, calculate, and visualize data.

Once students begin to see the power and capabilities of a spreadsheet, the topic of “how do I crack the lottery code” with spreadsheet power always comes up. 

We’ll use lottery data to demonstrate some of the features available in Google Sheets that may be helpful in your work, life, or studies.  You will also learn how to gain insights into your state lottery games,  while learning a few tips, tricks and shortcuts about them as well.

What do you need for this course:

  1. You will need continuous access to the internet. 
  2. A laptop or desktop computer. Although a handheld device is fine for viewing content, you’ll need a desktop or laptop computer to perform some of the exercises
  3. A Google Account.

I realize why this topic continues to remain popular. We all want the  4 Gets: Get FIT, Get Rich, Get Love, Get Lifestyle.  Keep in mind. Life is not all about money. You are not truly rich, until you have something money cannot buy. Getting Fit, finding love, living your ideal lifestyle, and getting smarter are always good things. On that note, let’s get started!

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