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Demand for Augmented Reality (AR) applications is currently growing exponentially, and almost all big companies are investing in AR because they believe it is the future. With the bloom of metaverse and Augmented Reality (AR) glasses on the horizon, AR application development skills will be highly rewarding in the future.

What if you can design Augmented Reality (AR) games and experiences with the latest state-of-the-art techniques such as real-world object recognition, hand detection, plane tracking, and more without worrying about image processing, video processing, and machine learning stuff?

But when you search online, the problem is almost all AR Coding courses are outdated, created years ago, and do not contain updated information.

I am Yasas Sri Wickramasinghe, a Ph.D. student at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. I am doing my research specifically focusing on Augmented Reality Game Design. I am a lecturer, co-founder of an AR/VR startup, and a lead software engineer.

I am presenting you with the easiest and most updated Augmented Reality course. This course is suitable for any level, including beginners. However, it will be easy for you to get started quickly if you know how to work in Unity 3D. (Don’t worry. If this is the first time you are going to try Unity 3D, let me know. I will send some resources to get familiar with it).

If you are not familiar with designing Augmented Reality experiences,  I guarantee you will be able to design AR apps upon completing this course! You will realize how easy it is to bring your creative ideas into reality with Augmented Reality.

Learn how to build advanced Augmented Reality applications with:

Also, suppose you are a research student looking into Augmented Reality, Human-computer interaction, User experience (UX) designing, or User Interfaces (UI) designing. In that case, you can enroll in this course and add a lot of value to your work.

This course mostly focuses on practical aspects of Augmented Reality, and it will be a great investment. I will be providing all the source code and further resources as well. All the students can reach me for further clarification.

So, why are you waiting? If all of this sounds great to you, Let’s start learning!

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