Most Intensive Course ever on Body Language

What you’ll learn

  • Defining, Scope & Importance
  • Macro and Micro Expressions
  • Components of Body Language
  • Proxemics
  • Oculesics
  • Kinesics
  • Haptics
  • Para-language
  • Chromatics
  • Chronemics
  • Olfactics
  • Artifacts
  • Facial Expressions
  • Cultures
  • Space and its Types
  • Eye Contact
  • Types of Gaze
  • Touches and their meanings
  • Handshake
  • Gender Sensitivity
  • Emblem, Illustrators & Affective
  • Regulators and Adaptors
  • Emotions
  • Mouth and Smiles
  • Head Nods
  • Hand, Finger & Palm Movements
  • Steepling
  • Feet and Legs Movement
  • Voice, Pitch, Tone and Intonations
  • Monochronic and Polychronic orientation


” Your body language shapes who you are”

” Our bodies can change our mind then our behaviour and ultimately the results”. –Amy Cuddy.

Body language is the biggest superpower one can ever have. It has the power of making you as well as breaking you. The origin of the word body language (also known as kinesics) in German means movement. Body language plays a major role in almost all aspects of business, especially in leadership and management roles.

Benefits of Learning Body Language

1. Increase in self-confidence

2. Raising self-esteem

3. Being the charm

4. Attract the audience

5. Be successful in different aspects of life

6. Workplace and relationship success

7. Public Speaking

8. The Course has been specially designed to transform you into a confident professional.

Who this course is for:

  • Students, Professionals and Entrepreneurs

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