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If you want to learn Microsoft Power BI from basics if you want to improve your analytical skills which have vast demand in the market.

Following are the topics you are going to learn from in this course.


  • What is Power BI?
  • What technology or toolset is needed to learn Power BI?
  • Why do we need Power BI?
  • Different components in the Power BI area.
  • What is Power BI Desktop? How to start using it? How to create the projects in Power BI Desktop?
  • How to connect to a different database in Power BI Desktop?
  • Understand Query Editor and how to use it?
  • How to create Data Model? How to create relationships?
  • Understand different relationship types, Cardinality and join Kinds with Practical example
  • How to create your First Visuals?
  • What are different visuals you can create, what are different formatting capabilities that can be used to make the most of the visuals?
  • Learn about Microsoft Power BI service?
  • How to Move your local project created in Power BI Desktop to Cloud?
  • How to create different dashboards? How to publish it.
  • How to share and collaborate your applications with other users.
  • Explore all aspects of Microsoft Power BI Pro service.
  • What is DAXDAX vs M-Language
  • Which one to use? DAX or M-Language
  • Implement DAX formula and M-language practically
  • What is Power BI Mobile?
  • How to set up Power BI Mobile? How to access different reports/dashboards in Power BI Mobile?
  • What are Custom Visuals and what’s it used?
  • Tools and technologies needed to create Custom visuals?
  • How to bind real data with Custom visuals.
  • all these with theory and practical examples.


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