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To run business operations every organization need to optimize its Supply Chain Operations so that it can reduce cost and make use of all its resources. To manufacture andy goods and services you need to have global logistics operations for your raw material.

It is crucial for you to learn the steps required to make logistics strategy as part of your supply chain integration and procurement process. Also, one of the biggest problems you will face in any organization is the lack of proper inventory planning and controlling the flow of materials.

capacity, warehouse, and transportation strategies.

In this MBA: Supply Chain and Operation management we will cover all these topics

1. Basics of supply chain

  • Introduction to Supply Chain

  • Distribution Levels in a supply chain

  • Five components of the supply chain

  • The understanding supply chain of Blood

  • Bullwhip effect

  • Effective and responsive supply chain

  • Finding the right balance in the supply chain

2. Operation management and planning

  • Variety and Assortment

  • Sales and Operation Planning

  • Supplier Relationship management

  • Horizontal Vs Vertical Supply chain

  • Samsung Integrated supply chain

  • Backward and forward integration

  • OEM (Original equipment manufacturer)

  • Private label and White label manufacturer

3. Case Study of Amazon

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