Excel 2019 Complete A to Z Microsoft Excel Course. 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and Office 365. Become 0 to hero !!


Microsoft Excel 2019 Step by Step Complete Course.

This Microsoft Excel course is for three level students.

Microsoft Excel 2019 – Beginner level Excel course

Microsoft Excel 2019 – Advanced Level Excel course

Microsoft Excel 2019 – Expert Level Excel course

Material recorded with Excel 2019 but works in 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016,  (Office 365)

Enroll now to go through a step by step of the most popular spreadsheet tool on the market, Microsoft Excel.

The first section of this course is an excel introduction.

This section of the course start with the fundamentals, the absolute basics.

Getting in and understanding what excel is all about. Its interface, understanding the different parts of Microsoft Excel 2019.

We will talk about Start Screen and Templates from scratch. Discuss Simple Functions. Learn about Worksheet Themes and Excel Templates.

Grouping worksheets. Page layout and custom views. Formatting data, Auto-fill function. Looking into various Printing options found in Microsoft Excel 2019 .

Making sure your final product what you print out from excel looks perfect.

We will also talk about common shortcuts so it can save your time while you work in Microsoft Excel.

Now the next section is the Advanced section or intermediate section.

During this section we gonna take what we mastered in the Beginner section and we gonna knock it up to few levels.

We gonna overview List Design and working with formatting list as tables. Filtering Records, Single and Multi-Level Sorting.

We Learn about Inserting Data Charts Using Recommended Charts. Also discuss about Formatting & Editing Chart Elements. Creating and Applying Custom Chart Templates.

We also do Spark lines and Printing Charts in detail. Get to know about Pivot Tables, Report layouts, Data Validation, We also apply Built-In Conditional Formatting and create Custom Conditional Formats.

Learn about linking data and protection.

Now the third section is gonna bring us into the expert features.

We Create and Applying Named Ranges. Discuss about Navigating with Named Ranges. We also do IF Functions.

Discuss about Nesting Functions, Round Function. Know about Formula Auditing Tools.

Discuss more about VLOOKUP, Database Functions and Text Functions.

Learn in detail about Data Tables and Scenario Manager

At the end of the course we discuss about Macros in detail and do an Exercise.

Don’t forget to Enroll in our course today to go through a deep dive of the most popular spreadsheet tool on the market, Microsoft Excel. We guide you step by step through the beginner to expert level.

As you participate in each of the three sections you will master Excel tools that will clear away the pain of stumbling through your daily tasks.

You will start with the basics, building a solid foundation that will give you further knowledge as you progress into intermediate and expert level topics.

At completion of this course you will have mastered the most popular Excel tools and come out with confidence to complete any Excel tasks with efficiency and grace.

Who this course is for:
  • This Microsoft Excel 2019 course will take you through 3 levels step by step complete course. (Beginner, Advanced and Expert).
  • If you are interested to take your Excel skills from beginner to advanced level and beyond, then this course is for you.

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