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If you are a PowerApps developer, you know very well that there are some limitations especially when it comes to performing background tasks. Power Automate is a great extension to Power Apps functionality. This course is all about utilizing Power Automate capabilities to extend your PowerApps project.

This course is not a Power Automate training course. It is all about:

  • Understanding scenarios that Power Automate Flow can help solve a PowerApps limitation

  • Learning how to call Power Automate Flow from PowerApps

  • Learning to exchange simple and complex parameters between PowerApps app and Power Automate Flow

  • Understanding scenarios that Power Automate can be called indirectly from PowerApps without using a direct trigger

  • How to build non-sequential workflows using PowerApps and Power Automate integration

  • Security and permission delegation between PowerApps and Power Automate

  • Building and using Shared Mailbox in PowerApps – Power Automate integration

  • Understanding Power platform environments

  • Deploying solutions that involve PowerApps and Power Automate integration to different environments

  • Learning how to call REST APIs from Power Apps using custom connectors and Power Automate

  • Using REST APIs to break complex Power Automate Flows to smaller and more manageable flows.

Please keep that in mind that this is an intermediate level course. It is a bit fast pace and requires basic knowledge of PowerApps and Power Automate. Feel free to message instructor in case you need help understanding basic concepts to continue with this course.

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