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MS Project is one of those programs that after you know it, wow, it makes so many things so much easier than they used to be, and it reduces stress and allows you to take great big projects. You know, the kinds that people put on your desk and say, Hey, can you take care of this?

That previously would’ve made you say, um, okay, I guess, and internally you kind of freak out and you freak out during the whole time of the project. Instead of that, you can sit down with the software and carefully plan out everything that needs to happen when it needs to happen. How long it’s going to take.

If you have any deadlines, you can assign people to work. And Microsoft project will say, okay, here’s your schedule. And the nice thing about it is if something changes, then project can get in there and say, oh, Hey, by the way, in six months, you’re going to miss this deadline coming up. Or there’s no way you can make that happen with the resources you have available to you.

And then you can plan and make sure that everything runs smoothly instead of wondering, oh, what am I forgetting about? Which is the normal way of doing things. Microsoft Project Professional software does require some careful thinking in the beginning. And you’ll probably spend more time planning your projects than you did before.

But really this is a good thing because of the time that you spend planning will be made up many times, fold on the back end from not making mistakes and poor time estimate. My name is Omer Aftab. I use Microsoft project pretty extensively.

It’s incredibly helpful in our day-to-day operations. And also when we plan bigger projects. So it’s really my pleasure to show you how to use Microsoft project. Just so you know, this class is designed for you to follow along with, it’s not just watch it on TV, it’s experience it like a real class.

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