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This course is unique!

Yes, there are standard Business English lessons.



1. Lectures showing business terms that are unusual and very very new

2. Lectures analysing films about business and technology – and these lectures include interviews with the actors!

3. Lectures where you are shown business situations and asked to describe what happened

4. Lectures showing business cartoons and discussing possible interpretations

5. Lectures showing current business situations (January 2023) and looking at the vocabulary


  • Two Instructors
  • Films about technology
  • Films where you create the script
  • CURRENT business situations
  • Unusual vocabulary
  • Plenty of exercises for you to do

This course includes a stand-alone SEVEN DAY COURSE IN BUSINESS ENGLISH as part of the overall course.

This course is split into five main parts as follows:

1. Business English Core (the Seven Day Course)

2. Business chat – looking at current (January 2023) Business Events and discussing the vocabulary. We also use cartoons for this.

3. Films. We look at two films – and see interviews with the actors. These can then be further discussed in the Q/A

4. Film clips (about 20 seconds each) Here you are set tasks based on the films – all of which are in a business situation

5. Business cartoons. You are shown a cartoon and asked to interpret the business situation.

These cartoons have been especially commissioned for this course! They were created ONLY for this course!

You are also invited – and offered a reward – if you can identify the various portraits of Business Leaders.

So, this course has many different sections to it – many you will never have come across before.

Enrol. Enjoy. Learn.


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