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A highly effective MasterClass that is designed to get you up to speed on a free and powerful program called Open Broadcaster Software. The course is organized into 4 super easy-to-follow modules that takes you step-by-step from absolute beginner towards creating your first video production in OBS.



The OBS Master Class 2021 edition is for anybody who wants to start making additional income in their lives as a virtual event producer.  It works for anybody, regardless of age, location, knowledge, or previous experience. All you need is a computer and very basic computer skills. This course is designed for:

▪ Anyone who wants to work from home to support virtual events such as parties, conferences, corporate events, etc…

▪ DJs looking to add a higher production value to their “sets’ by streaming to Twitch, Facebook, Youtube, etc…

▪ College students who want to intern at their school’s audio-visual department,

▪ Funeral directors who need to offer virtual funeral services.



This course is designed to turn YOU into an event producer FAST. While there are tutorials videos on the topic scattered on the Internet, most of these videos are aimed at gamers and overly complicated. We created The OBS Master Class 2021 for non-gamers, (although gamers are free to join). There’s nothing else online that shows a complete beginner how to become a virtual event producer in a clear, fast, and organized method. We filled that void. We designed the course as a Quickstart, Getting started guide to OBS, so you can start your own business as a virtual event producer or support your school, church, or nonprofit organization in the shortest amount of time possible.  This course is designed to help you set up your virtual video production events apart from the rest.

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