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Odoo v13 Purchase, Inventory, and Sales FULL Implementation from scratch


This course is designed to give you the needed knowledge to be able to implement Odoo ERP Supply Chain applications, which included the Purchase, Inventory, and Sales applications.




Learn how to configure, implement, and launch Odoo Supply Chain applications.


A step-by-step guide on Purchase, Inventory, and Sales applications in Odoo ERP.


You will learn all features that the Odoo application offers, and how to master them.




The Supply Chain cycle includes the Purchase, Inventory, and Sales applications.


In the Purchase section, you will learn how to perform a full cycle on Odoo with a real-life example of how the companies handle their day-to-day purchases.


The Inventory section will cover the handling, storing, and stock management activities.


Also, with a real-life example of a Wood company, and how to manage their diversified activities.


The Sales section will present the flow of the sales activities, and their relation with the Inventory and Purchase modules.




All the scenarios will present the interaction between the different departments in a company.


And the effect on the Accounting will be presented, how to configure it, review it, and report it.


At the end of the course, a full scenario will be presented so you will be aware of the real-cycle flow, from Procurement, Storing, to Selling.




Either a consultant, an end-user, or a fresh intern, this course is designed to ease the work for you and give you the most effective knowledge and tools.


Who this course is for:

Odoo consultants -or other ERP consultants- who want to Master Odoo Supply Chain Operations

Employee who intend to upgrade their career path to Odoo Consultation

Odoo partners, who seeks to strengthen their team knowledge

Software Companies, who intend to compete in the ERP field using Odoo

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