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Hello everyone , welcome to the first lecture in the course Operating system.  So operating system is very important as far computer science is concerned. and also electronic students you may have this subject in your course. This subject consists of theory so we will see what the subject means and what we can learn from the subject.  so First of all it is just an introduction to the Operating system and we will see what this Operating system means and what are the functions of operating system, what are the types of operating system, its goals and different characterisitics  we will try to get the brief idea of this subject.

Moreover, I will discuss about the file systems, its various concepts and make the students familiar with the different techniques of file allocation and access methods.

Then i am going to talk about the various issues of CPU scheduling plus my students will get to know the in-depth knowledge of the types of schedulers.

My students you will learn about the disk scheduling and will get familiar with the characteristics of the disk that affect the performance and the disk scheduling algorithms and the know how for the memory management.

Last but not the least in my course my students will get acquainted with the

problem of deadlocks. In this topic we characterize the problem of deadlocks

and discuss policies, which an Operating system can use to ensure their absence.

Following the course of the conceptual evolution of operating systems, we have identified the main characteristics of the program-execution & development environments provided by the bare machine, serial processing, including batch & multiprogramming. On the basis of their attributes & design objectives, different types of operating systems were defined & characterized with respect to scheduling & management of memory, devices, & files.

Alright, so lets get started.

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