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Save months of GraphQL backend development with Hasura and save weeks of learning Hasura with this course

What you’ll learn

  • How to spin up rich GraphQL backend in minutes
  • Authenticate users with JWT/Firebase and WebHooks in Hasura
  • Role based access to your GraphQL endpoints
  • Restore database state with Hasura migrations
  • Connect Hasura backend with your frontend app
  • How to use Firebase Cloud Functions to extend Hasura’s business logic
  • File uploading
  • Description

    In this video course you will learn how to spin up GraphQL server with Hasura. Hasura is a tool which transforms your relation database (PostgreSQL only so far) into GraphQL endpoints and allow you to perform CRUD operations and real-time queries just out of the box. During the course we will cover vital topics like:

    • Authentication (Firebase authentication with JWT / Webhook authentication);
    • Role-based access to the database Data;
    • File Uploading;
    • Database Migrations;
    • How to Extend business logic with Firebase Cloud Functions;
    • We build client Web Application with Angular (React & Vue coming soon) which allows user to upload photos & leave comments.

    Hasura is being developed very rapid and this course will be constantly updated and extended when new Hasura features arrive. I hope you will find this course useful and it will save you hours and days of development. Enjoy!

    Who this course is for:

    • Frontend developers at any level
    • Backend developers at any level
    • Product managers who is looking for a tool for quick idea validation
    • Developer who needs some tool for quick GraphQL backend prototyping

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