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Adobe Photoshop CC – Master Photoshop Like a Pro Designer

What you’ll learn
From Basics of Photoshop
To a Super Designer
All the Basics A Beginner Need to Know to Start Photoshop
Graphic Design Principles
Basics – Clipping Mask & Layer Masks
Basics – Master Text tools to Create Beautiful designs
Basics – How to Adjustments Layer, Smart Filters, & Clone, Healing Tool and then use it for creative Art works
Basics – How to use Shape Tools and then Create Creative designs with it
Basics – Master Selections tools, for removing BG from complex Compositions, then use it in creative designs
Basics – How to use Layer styles Creatively
This course is designed to take you from an absolute beginner to a super Designer

We divided this course two parts; Basics and Advanced

Basics Part consists of 9 Sections

We will star with the principle of design

In this part you will learn everything about the basic tools of Photoshop, you will learn clipping masks, layer masks, selection tools.

You will learn how to remove background from the most complex compositions like curly hair. You will learn how to remove objects from a scene Professionally. You will learn how to change and adjust the colours and how to make your own colour looks. For photographers, you are going to master Camera Raw Filter which is an alternative to Adobe Lightroom. You will learn how to work with text and use it for beautiful Artworks. You will learn how to work with 3D. You will learn how to make beautiful looks using layer styles.

Who this course is for:
Beginners who are looking for a right path to become professional designers
Advanced who wants to expand their knowledge and creativity in Photoshop and Graphic Design


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