Master C programming with over 130+ best C programming practices for absolute beginners to excel in the industry

What you’ll learn

  • Level up your C programming skill with over 130+ beginners best practices
  • How to accept input from User
  • How to sum 2 integers from user
  • How to build a Simple Interest Calculator
  • How to check for Greatest of 3 Numbers
  • How to check for divisibility of a Number
  • How to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • How to check for Leap year
  • A program to Shut Down Computer
  • A program to get IP Address
  • How to Find ASCII value
  • How to get quotient and remainder
  • How to swap 2 numbers
  • How to add Complex Numbers
  • How calculate Sum of digit numbers
  • How to create Floyd’s Triangle
  • A program to calculate Area of a Circle
  • How to calculate Area of a Rectangle
  • How to calculate Area of Square
  • How to calculate Area of a Triangle
  • How to calculate volume of a Cube
  • How to calculate Area of a Cylinder
  • How to calculate volume of Sphere
  • How to generate Random Numbers
  • And lots more…

Welcome to Practical C Programming Practices (130+ Common Projects)! Learning C programming language and understanding C programming language are two different things. Almost every student enjoy learning C programming language. But, only a few number of these students actually understand C programming language afterwards. This is where the remaining students are left behind and kept wandering from one course to another over the internet to get the best knowledge on understanding C programming language with cups of coffee on their table everyday.

130+ C programming best practices for absolute beginner is a comprehensive and concise guide with over 15 hours of content that is designed to pick up every interested student from the state of “zero-knowledge” to a state of “Hero-knowledge” in C programming with lots of practical C projects.

Why Must I Take This Course And What Benefit Is It To ME As A C Programmer?

This is the only course on the internet that will help you to become a certified and successful programmer with an in-depth knowledge of the entire aspect of C programming and prepare you with the required skills necessary to build you to face job interviews and get employed as a full stack Software developer.

Emenwa Global instructors are industry experts with years of practical, real-world experience building software at industry leading companies. They are sharing everything they know to teach thousands of students around the world, just like you, the most in-demand technical and non-technical skills (which are commonly overlooked) in the most efficient way so that you can take control of your life and unlock endless exciting new career opportunities in the world of technology, no matter your background or experience.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone looking to level up their skills and master C programming language
  • Anyone who wants to learn to code

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