First of all, let’s understand what this course is about. We will talk about what this course is, and what it is NOT.

So, this course is for Java Interview Preparation. If you are a person who needs to be prepared for technical Java interview, and you need to have support and understand what potential questions you may be asked – this course will help you to be prepared. And this is THE BEST course for Java interview preparation because of the amount of questions and variety of topics that we discuss in the course.

Basically, no matter what level you are – junior, middle or senior developer. In this course you are going to have possibility to check your self by answering questions of different level of complexity. The only difference between junior and senior engineer is how deep your knowledge is.

Taking into account that this course if for Java Interview Preparation, please, be aware that this is NOT JAVA course itself. So we are not going deep into the theory and learn Java Platform from Scratch and very basics. Also we will not write code during this course, we will not going to have practical exercises. If you want to LEARN java from scratch – then you need to check my course Java from Zero to First Job which is best in the topic on Udemy already.

The current course is just for Interview Preparation, and it is more for Verifying your knowledge, and Remembering everything what you knew but forgot because of not using and need to be prepared for interview. But it is not about learning everything from scratch. Do you feel the difference?

And now, let me explain who will find this course useful.

This course is actually for both, for those who wants to pass the interview, and for those who is driving interview, so for technical interviewers.

In case you are technical interviewer, and you don’t have time to prepare questions, or come up with topics to discuss with potential candidate – then this course is for you. You have really a lot of questions on all possible Java related topics. You don’t need to come up with your own questions. Everything is already prepared for you.

And of course, this is the course for people who wants to be prepared for an interview. So, in case you need to be prepared for an interview – this course is the best thing that you need.

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