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About the Instructor

Divya Gopinath is the founder of Little Monks’ Laboratory, where she and a team of passionate teachers teach coding to kids. After 10 years of hands on coding experience  in the IT industry, Divya wanted to pursue her passion for teaching little kids. Students love her coding classes and find them quite interesting !

Course Flow

Throughout this course, we will be learning many concepts of coding/programming.

Every concept will be explained using a fun filled activity/game.

You will be taught how to apply the concept by creating a few projects in Scratch.

You will also be taught how to apply the same concept by creating different projects in Microbit.

By applying the same concept in two different tools, you will gain a strong understanding of the concept.

In future, you will be able to apply the same concept in some other tool / an entirely different programming language

What is unique about this course?

  1. Appearance of instructor on screen to make it easier for students to follow

  2. Use of two resources – Scratch and Microbit

  3. Use of fun filled activities/games to make explanation of concepts easier

Concepts taught

The concepts taught in this course include the following

1) Instructions

2) Algorithms

3) Events

4) Loops

5) Variables

6) Conditionals

Sample Projects in Scratch

1) Make cool animations

2) Make  awesome patterns using shapes

3) Create a custom keyboard and make it play music !

4) Program a ballerina to perform a musical ballet recital !

Sample Projects in Microbit

1) Create a mood meter that you can use to express your mood.

2) Make two microbits talk to each other using the Microbit radio feature

3) Turn your microbit into a music player

4) Make your microbit behave like a score keeper, keeping track of your scores while you play a game !

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