Learn to fully design your commercial , residential , and industrial PV systems using PVSOL Premium software

What you’ll learn

  • Defining and creating new locations in Climate Data
  • Changing the grid and AC mains settings
  • Creating shade frequency analysis
  • Drawing cabling and connections in 3D module coverage designs
  • Calculating & minimizing cabling losses
  • Inverter selection process optimization
  • Creating financial analysis for your PV system
  • Reading and interpreting simulation results
  • Constructing circuit diagrams
  • Creating interval and carpet plots for your PV system output
  • Designing 2D & 3D Grid-Connected Full Feed in systems
  • Designing 2D & 3D Grid-Connected with Electrical Appliances systems
  • Designing 2D & 3D Grid-Connected with Electrical appliances and Battery System systems
  • Creating designs using customer requirements using PVSOL Premium
  • Circuit Breakers and RCD selection process optimization

PVSOL is one of the world’s most famous, reputable, and widely used PV solar systems design software. It’s used in the process of design, visualization, and optimization of solar PV systems.

Using PVSOL Premium will allow you to work faster, smarter, and leads to quicker projects’ completion. It will also help you get a wider look at the parameters of the design of PV systems that will help improve your general understanding of the solar PV systems.

In this course, we will not only explain the different design parameters that are part of PVSOL premium software design models. We will also have real-life examples of solar PV systems design using the software.

In each section, there will be :

  • Videos: Explaining in step-by-step approach how to use, calculate or predict each design parameter of the different solar PV system models used in PVSOL Premium 7.5 (Grid-Connected Full Feed-in, Grid-Connected with Electrical Appliances, and Grid-Connected with Electrical Appliances and Battery System )
  • Notes: Helping students remember the most important tips, and points explained in every lecture. Also, containing graphs, plots, and solved examples that will help students study the course’s material
  • Knowledge Check Quizzes: Questions to check students understanding of the most critical points and ideas that the students should grasp in order to be efficient users of the software

The course also includes : 

  • Practical Labs and Case Studies: Real-life examples and case studies of PV solar systems design according to customer requirements and targets to help the students understand how to read, interpret, and achieve customer’s targets using the software
  • Design Resources & Tools: Suggested online design tools, and resources. Also, Excel sheet that helps the designer predict the PV system’s financial performance to save time and work efficiently

Always ready for your questions and any inquiry.

Hope you enjoy the course, and wishing you the best of luck in your career.

Who this course is for:
  • PVSOL Premium users
  • Anyone interested in Photo Voltaic Systems design
  • Renewable Energy , Environmental , Electrical , and Mechanical Engineering students want to dive in details of PV systems installation and how they’re designed

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