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QuickBooks Desktop Not for Profit Organizations will provide the tools to enter data into QuickBooks for a not for profit organization.

This QuickBooks course will consist of three comprehensive practice problems. One problem will be for a charitable organization, one for a health care organization, and one for a not for profit school.

We will learn how to set up a QuickBooks file for a not for profit organization.

The course will show how to create a chart of accounts and items list for a not for profit organization.

Learners will learn how to enter data into the QuickBooks system using forms.

We will learn how to customize forms so that they can be used to provide to donors.

The course will show how to generate and analyze reports. We will also learn how to print, display, and distribute reports.

Learners will learn how to use the QuickBooks class feature to categorize expenses as restricted or unrestricted. We will also learn to use the job costing feature to track each restricted item in detail.

The course will provide backup files that allow learners to jump forward or rework any part of the comprehensive problem.

We will also provide Excel files as we work through the problem. We will break each comprehensive problem done and enter it into the system one journal entry at a time. We will show how the journal entry would be entered using debits and credits in Excel first, and then enter the transaction into QuickBooks. Excel is a more transparent system, making it easier to see and understand the connections. Once we understand the objective, we will then move to QuickBooks to enter the data. The system of first Entering data into Excel to understand the objective will be very useful when we need to use more complex features like class tracking and job costing.

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