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Complete Reiki Energy Healing Certification Includes: Level One, Two, Master, Distance, Crystal, Animal, Shaman, Symbols


✨✨The Complete 30+ Hour Reiki Certification: Secrets from A-Z includes over 30 hours of video lectures, including hand-drawn images of each of the Reiki symbols. Most of this course content is entirely original, with a brand-new approach to never-before-seen uses of Reiki. this is one of the most in-depth, longest, and comprehensive Reiki course you will find on the platform✨✨




Learn how to harness Reiki Energy Healing. Reiki the universal life force healing energy that has been used successfully by people to heal physical, emotional, and mental energetic imbalances all across the planet. Learn how to heal yourself, family, friends, animals, plants, ancestors, objects, and even situations! Learn how to harmonize your mind, body, and heart. Learn how to draw love and gratitude into your life.




✨✨Become a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher✨✨




This is the Longest course on Reiki available on the platform and one of the most comprehensive, In-depth courses on Reiki in the world. It is the last course you’ll ever need to purchase on Reiki energy healing.


This course is self-paced and entirely virtual. You can go as slow or as fast as you like. What’s important is to take the path that feels right for your needs.


Every Single Level of Reiki is in here: Reiki level 1 (One), Reiki Level 2 (Two), and even Reiki Master level. you will learn how to be a fantastic Reiki practitioner, master, and teacher all-in-one. Additionally, You will receive all the attunements you need at a distance to access all Reiki levels.


This course doesn’t just teach you the techniques of Reiki––this course is about mastering the most in-depth mechanics of Reiki Energy Healing. Once you understand the Reiki Principles, you’ll excel in Reiki for a lifetime. This course has everything you could want out of Reiki and more!


Jake gives his students all the learning tools they need to gain everything. This course will not just help you become a Reiki master, but you can master your body, emotions, and mind at a quantum level. Jake doesn’t want you to just be a “great student” he’s empowering you to become the most advanced Reiki Level I, II, master and teacher possible. His greatest hope is that you become an even better teacher and master of Reiki than he is. Jake is dedicated to your complete success.




✨✨Here is what Students have to say✨✨


That’s a perfect match for me, one of the most comprehensive and amazing courses so far. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, you are a brilliant Reiki teacher, Jake!


––Oksana Budeykina ❤️




I was SO interested in Reiki and Jake increased my enthusiasm and interest tenfold. You can see he is so at peace, so calm and so eager to help us. His method of teaching is so nice and his teachings are so diverse. You might think that the sheer amount of lectures are the selling point of this course, but actually his way of teaching and his willingness to help us in that nice manner of his is.


––Snazzy Sensei ❤️




“At first I was a bit skeptical, but I now see that Reiki and mindfulness go hand-in-hand. I didn’t really have a good grasp of what Reiki is going into it, but these videos are very easy to understand, even for a total novice like myself..”


–– Jace F. ❤️




I was super excited taking Jake Senn’s course. It has amazing amounts of info that he doesn’t just give in a PDF for you to read but is very involved in his q&as. He gives great insights on different forms of how Reiki works and the skills needed to continue to grow after taking the course. Thank you so much Jake!!!!!


––David Crider ❤️




I’m really enjoying the course. The instructor is clearly knowledgeable and easy to listen to. There’s a lot here, and my interest in Reiki has increased.


––Scott S. ❤️




I found the course novel, compelling, and interesting! I didn’t know this subject could be so accessible!


––Gabriel ❤️




✨✨A sample of the Course Sections: Each section of the course is self-contained and a complete system in itself. You are getting the bonus of gaining more than a dozen-courses-in-one!✨✨




⭐️ Animal Reiki–– Enhance your connection to all living beings. Unlock the secrets of performing energy healing on Horses, Cats, Dogs, Birds, Rodents, and even Wild Animals. Learn how to heal animals at a distance so that you can always be safe.




☘️ Plant Reiki –– Feel a pure joy that only a plant can provide. Jake shares little known techniques that will help you create a transformative connection with plants. Be transformed from the inside out as you discover the multidimensional nature of plant medicines you can access. You no longer need to ingest, cut, or burn plant materials to gain plant’s natural, energetic medicines. Be elevated by a shamanic connection to trees, plants, Mycelium, and mushrooms. Become connected to the wonders of nature by using the Schumann Resonance with Reiki. Experience a new fresh breath of air to your life that can be cultivated for a lifetime with your new plant allies.




⚜️ Ancestral Reiki –– Connect with your ancestors and learn to heal those who are no longer with us. Whether you believe in having a connection to ancestors or not, this section will enhance your understanding of healing people and animate “beings” outside of our normal perception. Gain a Shamanism level of knowledge of Reiki and gain new allies from subtler spheres of existence. From a Jungian perspective, we can release the unconscious tethers that bind us to the ego by relating to the world through archetypes and Animism. We can create an animist relationship to energetic patterns in our subconscious and our environment. we can then release energetic imbalances in ourselves and the environment. We then achieve the ultimate agency to heal ourselves using our minds.

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