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Old is gold. Let’s get inspired by the classic games from the 80’s and add our own graphics and game features. Explore the interstellar void and use 3 different weapon types to burn through swarms of space bugs of different types, some larger than the others.

We will start with a game loosely inspired by the classic Space Invaders arcade and we will experiment with different additional features such as boss battles, super weapons and different enemy types.

Let’s explore object oriented programming with JavaScript and implement a useful set of basic 2D game development techniques such as object pool design pattern, sprite animation, timing and staggering techniques using timestamps and much more.

Don’t forget to download all the bonus gifts. Students of this course will get a pack of premium quality 2D game art, this time in a sci-fi space theme. You can also download the source code from multiple stages of the project, as we gradually add more features.

We will implement multiple enemy types:

Beetlemorph – basic enemy, 1 hit is enough

Rhinomorph – armored enemy, multiple lives, multiple damage states

Mantismorph – massive boss size enemy, increasing pool of lives

Eaglemorph – when hit, it will sacrifice a body segment and it will spit it back

Squidmorph – unknown alien bug, use everything we learned to implement your own unique enemy type

Have fun!

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