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Welcome to “Unleash Your Inner Designer” – a transformative online course that taps into your creative potential and guides you through the exhilarating world of interior design. I’m Lathika, a seasoned interior designer with a Bachelor of Architecture from India and a wealth of experience across diverse global projects, including my expertise in Melbourne

In this course, I’ll personally walk you through step-by-step modules that empower you to communicate effortlessly with tradespeople, ensuring your vision becomes a stunning reality. You’ll delve into the art of crafting beautiful, functional, and compliant bathrooms, mastering the comprehensive principles that underpin their design. From selecting handpicked materials and fixtures to creating captivating mood boards, you’ll learn to curate elements that breathe life into your dream bathroom.

But that’s not all – I’ll guide you in honing your manual drawing skills, enabling you to articulate your ideas visually and confidently. By the course’s end, you won’t just possess in-depth bathroom knowledge and design skills; you’ll carry a deep sense of pride in your newly created spaces.

Join me on this exciting journey, where my 25 years of expertise meet your passion for design. Together, we’ll unleash your inner designer, transforming not just spaces, but lives. Let’s embark on this creative adventure and bring your interior dreams to vibrant, tangible life!

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