The Course explains the need of having risk management by answering some key questions in HVAC Projects. It explains the Risk Management Definitions, Terminologies and process. It goes in depth of explaining the project life cycle of HVAC projects, Some common Mistakes in HVAC projects. The entire course is covering entire life cycle of the project right from Presales ,

Sales, Design ,                                                                                                                                                                                           

Execution ,                                                                                                                 

Handover ,                               

Financial &                                                                             

Closing of Project.

This course is beneficial to beginners and engineers and one and all who are involved in execution of HVAC projects.

With lot of real life examples and fundamentals this course can give total insight on how risks can be managed effectively in HVAC Projects. HVAC projects are traditionally run as specialised projects with God profit margins. However, over the years due to changes in external environment, HVAC stream is no longer considered as specialised stream. With so much of competition an increased demands from customer and constant rapid changes across, it is difficult to manage the project like it used to be. Project Management is not given that due importance . Risk Management is one of the important pillar in Project Management. No risk means no Project. Risks are part of every project.

It is important to manage risk in effective manner. COVID 19 has taught every one a lot of lessons with respect to Risk management. It is important for project organisation to be ready and be proactive to manage any risks in future. There is no space left for reactive type of response now. Many organisations have seen the bad times due to non implementation of Risk Management in their projects

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