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The featured MLC titled, “Smart Home Prototyping and Control” under the category of urban solutions aims to engage learners in grasping the theoretical aspects of smart home solutions through practical prototyping and implementation.

Smart home is the trend in the future. Imagine that you lie on the sofa and control everything with an ordinary cellphone. The curtains can be switched automatically, the water temperature can turn into temperate mode when you’re ready for a cozy bath. Alternatively, you could obtain the distinct light scene in your home. I believe that you can’t wait to live life like this. In this lesson, we simulate the smart home to make a DIY smart home kit with Arduino software.

In this course, you will learn how to setup drivers for Arduino IDE and test various sensors and modules on an assembled smart home kit to grasp the concepts and applications of smart home.

Section 1

Briefs on a short course instructor introduction to this Micro Learning Course.

Section 2 covers the,

  1. The exact smart home kit which will be used to for Arduino prototyping.
  2. The parts list of the Keyestudio Smart Home Kit.
  3. This section also covers the software and drivers installation along with adding 3rd party libraries

Section 3 covers the various sensors and module through testing individual projects

Section 4 covers the,

  1. Bluetooth test for short range communication between Bluetooth module and mobile device
  2. Combined operation of the multi-purpose smart home kit

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