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There is so much information around today and there has to be efficient mechanism in

place to manage tthe huge volume of data. This is where relational database

management systems -RDBMS comes in handy. An RDBMS is used to manage


What is a database? This is where information or data is stored. Databases actually

stored information or data inside tables which in turn consists of columns and rows just

like an excel spreadsheet. The columns represents the data fields for example LastName

while the rows represents individual records like Anderson. Database administrators or

data analyst need to interact with the data from the database from time to time and the

way they do that is by using SQL.

What is SQL – It stands for structural query language. It is an internationally used

lanaguage used to manipulate databases. With SQL you can do the following and much more:


Create a database
Create a table
create a view
Update a record
Delete  a record
Add a record
Read data from a table
Automate tasks

This course is a basic introductory course to SQL that will teach you the basic functions it

is used for on a database such as Create Read Update and Delete   collectively referred

to as C.R.U.D.  Over 85 percent of what you will do on a database will be CRUD related.

If you want to become a database administrator or developer this course will be a good

starting point.

What you learn on the course include:

Basic database concepts
How to create a Table
How to create a view
How to update data in a table
How to add data into a table
How to delete records in a table
How to use Aliases

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