Study skills and mental hack you ever need to get that A in the class.

What you’ll learn

  • Study methods and mental strategies to study effectively and efficiently
  • Note-taking techniques for different types of subjects
  • How to make a Master Study Guide and Mega Problem Set
  • How to set goals that are meaningful and actionable


Whether you want to learn simple ways to study better or refresh your study skills, my course will teach you how to focus on your goals and what mental tools you need to succeed in all subjects!

Not only you’ll acquire powerful tools and hacks, but you will also feel empowered once you have the control of your learning experience. It is about that attitude!

You’ll learn:

  • Set milestones and track the progress of completing a degree
  • Note-taking tricks in different kinds of subjects
  • Set yourself up for a successful study session that guarantees high grade on your exams
  • Take a class like a superstar

Take Control of Your Learning Experience

Too many students enter classrooms with a passive attitude and expect to be fed with information. When they finally have the motivation to learn, they cannot do well in and feel miserable when they fail their first test. Active learning is a skill, and you can master it in a short time.

Student ownership is when a student takes charge of their learning experience and learns actively and demands knowledge. It’s your right to learn, and I will teach you how to get the most of your education.


You are motivated to get an education but don’t have the study skills. If you don’t want to struggle and spend less time study with less stress, this is the course for you.


you will learn the same study methods and mental hacks that helped all my students get better grades. You’ll study and learn more efficiently and effectively—getting better results with less time and stress.

Who this course is for:

  • Community college students
  • High school juniors and seniors
  • Transfer students

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