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Visualize your Career Aspirations of Becoming a CEO, CMO, CFO, or CTO

What you’ll learn

  • DEVELOP the entrepreneurial skills
  • LEARN to form a strong base for your future
  • EXPLORE your entrepreneurial skills and polish them
  • GET to know the business world in a better way
  • ACQUIRE knowledge of business planning and model development
  • COMPREHEND the concept of CTO
  • UNDERSTAND the notion and roadmap of industry 4.0
  • ACQUIRE the understanding of revolutionizing the industry with Industry 4.0
  • BECOME competent in marketing communications
  • BECOME proficient in making a marketing strategy
  • GET specialized in marketing, finance and technology
  • LEARN the impact of the course on the development of your child
  • UNDERSTAND the set of skills that can be beneficial in the long run
  • MAKE an action plan to develop the set of skills necessary for professional growth
  • PLAN your career in advance that will help you make the right decision.
  • DEVELOPMENT of skill for clearing interviews
  • GET the chance to distinguish your profile with an added certification.


Do you want your child to be the next Sundar Pichai?

Do you want your child’s future to be bright?

Here we are to do it for you!!

If your child shows the skills to be a future entrepreneur, then your wait is over. Henry Harvin’s course of Teen MBA is for those future stars. It is the next big thing that will shape the future of your little star from the very beginning. The course is all about enhancing and polishing the skill of your child that will help him to plan his career in advance. Gone are the times when parents’ used to decide the career option for their child. The children of the 21st century are way ahead of times and only need a little guidance in their careers.

The course will offer your child to gain expertise that requires him/her to be future-ready by polishing their skills. This program is meticulously designed for teens to enrich them with a great learning experience and gain practical knowledge.

The current times demand an advanced outlook towards these newly designed courses that will take the budding career of your child a notch higher in the competitive scenario. It will brush up their entrepreneurial skills, and help them understand the business tactics in a better way. You can also learn the skill of making an efficient marketing strategy. This course will surely pave a new path of success that is necessary for the professional growth of the child in later years. Adopting this course is like sowing the seed of success for your child that will reap the benefits in the future.

The course is designed by experienced minds who are well aware of the dos and the don’ts that need to be followed while framing it for the teens specifically. A course that comes with many plus points. One of which is profile building support that is the most important.

Your gains after the completion of the course

  • It helps in the development of entrepreneurial skills
  • Get to build a strong base for your future
  • Gives you an opportunity to explore your entrepreneurial skills and polish them
  • Understand the world of business in a better manner
  • Get the knowledge of how to plan business and model development
  • Understand the concept of CTO
  • Comprehend the idea and roadmap of industry 4.0
  • Learn how to revolutionize the industry with Industry 4.0
  • Become competent in marketing communications
  • Gain proficiency in making a marketing strategy
  • Get specialized in marketing, finance, and technology
  • Learn the impact of the course on the development of your child
  • Get to know the set of skills that can benefit your child in the long run
  • Develop the set of skills necessary for professional growth
  • Plan your career in advance that will help you make the right decision.
  • Skill development that helps in clearing interviews
  • Distinguish your profile with an added certification.

How is this course better than its contemporaries?

  • Faculty that is an expert in the field and have ample knowledge in the respective domain
  • Curriculum designed as per the requirement of the teens
  • Examples that set the course apart from similar courses and make the understanding better.
  • self-analysis of the students through questionnaires
  • Recordings and videos for additional support and break the monotony

Words of appreciation from our Students

1. “It truly amazes me with what Henry Harvin is able to do with the course to make it so adaptable to teens and treat such an important topic that is business with so much ease. I really enjoyed the way it was conducted and the way we were made comfortable with the curriculum. There is no other institute that I would recommend my friends apart from Henry Harvin.” Reyansh Zaveri

2. “I am mentored by the team in an amazing manner. It really helped me out in finding the correct path and deciding for my future. The course is really interesting and made keeping the teens in mind. I really like it a lot.” Atharva Verma

3. “The instruction and curriculum were built in such a way that a teenager can work as a professional. I really enjoy the pace of the program and the challenge it gives me. I can feel that I am a better version of myself after completing the course and this would really help me a lot in my new journey ” Nikisha Sahay

4. “I had taken the course with Henry Harvin and I think this course curriculum is among the best. It was delivered in a structured way and goes well with today’s teen’s requirement. The faculty was really good and supportive and I can say that they are the backbone of the well-designed course. Overall, it was a very good experience.” Pierce Smith

5. “I have completed the course and felt very satisfied after it. I would recommend this course to the people who want to pursue their career in MBA and get benefitted by it.” Zehra Kazmi

Who this course is for:

  • Undergraduates
  • Teens
  • If you want to pre-plan your career
  • Students of Senior Higher Secondary

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