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If you have/had issues with monetizing your Facebook Pages/Groups, keep reading… The solution has arrived!

I had 2 Facebook pages and their respective groups. I had many issues with growing organically as Facebook limited the times I could share every day. There was no other alternative but to buy Facebook ads to grow my pages and from there channel my followers to my groups.

Then I noticed my posts were being suppressed and only reached like 20% of my followers. So imagine, I had more than 10,000 likes on my pages, which I paid money to Facebook for most of them, and at a later stage, I discovered I couldn’t reach most of them!

Then the worst came. Whenever I posted a link that would direct my followers to an offer outside Facebook, only an average of 2% of my followers would see it. It’s annoying and I started researching methods to reach my followers on Facebook.

It’s during this research I discovered Telegram Channels. It took me some time to channel most of my followers to Telegram, and even so, there were many I had to message to be able to reach them.

Telegram is the ultimate alternative to Facebook Pages and Groups and here are the benefits:

  • Telegram serves no ads, your followers won’t be distracted and you’ll have their full attention

  • Telegram Channels allows unlimited subscribers

  • Telegram Channels are Free

  • Telegram users shared more than 15 Billion messages in 2020

  • Telegram is well known for high privacy and security

  • Telegram’s audience is mainly men (62%), women (38%)

  • Telegram’s audience is mainly between 24-37 years old

  • Telegram’s audience are well-off financially and well educated

  • And much more

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