The Art of Sampling was created by Berlin based music producer and sound engineer Hybrasil (aka Will Kinsella). This course is dedicated to the craft of sampling audio and creating new ideas from static audio files.

In this course Hybrasil outlines his approach to sampling using Ableton’s Sampler Instruments, audio warping and Beat Slicing. Suitable for all versions of Ableton (9/10/11 etc) the techniques outlined in this course will help you take your creativity to the next level.


  • How to warp audio in Ableton

  • How to use the Ableton Sampler Instrument

  • How to use the Ableton Simpler Instrument

  • Beat Slicing

  • Synth Slicing

  • Generating MIDI loops from audio

  • Crafting new ideas from old loops


The art of Sampling has been central to the evolution of House, Techno & Hip Hop music. In the following lectures we explore the creative sampling possibilities within Ableton Live. Breath new life into sample packs, slice and rearrange loops, render audio loops into complex midi clips through Ableton’s innovative Sampling Techniques.

Sampler Machines like the Akai MPC 60 and E-Mu SP1200 helped shape modern music, where more contemporary sampling machines such as the Elektron Octatrack and Native Instruments Maschine have taken the craft of sampling into the 21st Century.

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