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Learn to build Python based web applications with Django 3 (Python Web Framework)

What you’ll learn
Learn Django 3 (Python Web Framework)
Setup project for Django
Create custom App in Django
Learn Application Development Process
Create Models in Django
Create Views and Manage Views in Django
Migrations in Django
Employee Management Project
Assign Objects Data
Work with URL’s and Path’s in Django
Work with Templates in Django
Output data to HTML templates
Assign styles in Django
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Course content
3 sections • 17 lectures • 53m total length
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Django Basics
Introduction to Django

Django Framework is a Python based web framework which is so popular that it is been used by many professional companies around the world.

In this Django Course you will learn how to get started with Django Web Framework & build a Employee database management system app. This course covers the following topics

Django Introduction
Environmental Setup
Working with Models
Creating Custom Views
Working with Templates
Admin functionalities
URLs & Regular expression
Styling web app
Who this course is for:
Anyone who has just completed the Python Programming
Anyone interested in Web Development
Anyone who wants to learn latest Django
Anyone interested to build web applications with Django
Anyone who wants to become a full stack web developer


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