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Please leave me alone !!!!!!!!!!!

Why would I take that course and learn Mergers and Acquisitions ?????????????????????

A good question, but if you think that your company is far away from mergers and Acquisitions, you are wrong!!!

What wrong? why do you say so Sam?

Because, all companies are looking for synergies and alliances to strengthen their position in the market. Mergers and acquisition can provide a safe path for growing businesses. Look around you, read Finance articles and watch Business shows, you would know that mergers and Acquisitions are closer to you than you might think. If you search for past Mergers and Acquisitions deals, you would believe my words. Look at the Chinese and American markets and see how many deals took place already and how many cases are under negotiations by now?

It’s time to learn the concepts of M&A and equip yourself with the necessary skills to be ready, in case your company decided to go into Mergers and Acquisitions!

What are you waiting for? let’s hop right in !!!!

Mergers and Acquisitions explained step by step and made easy.

Topics covered are:

  • Mergers and Acquisition definitions

  • Types of Mergers and Acquisition from multiple angles

  • Legal aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Synergies and benefits of M&A

  • Drawbacks of M&A

  • Pre-acquisition steps

  • Post-Acquisition steps

  • Business valuation techniques and approaches with practical examples

  • Funding and Consideration sources

  • M&A negotiations and managerial tactics

  • Organic corporate growth

  • Corporate life cycle

  • Tax implications of M&A

  • Anti-trust and anti-monopoly laws

  • Techniques to counter attack a hostile Acquisition

  • Due Diligence for a target company

  • Business analysis and techniques

  • Corporate strategy and planning

  • Past Mergers and Acquisition transactions’ statistics

  • Some successful M&A real cases in detail and many other things

  • Recommendations and quick wins to managers

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