Time Management for Entrepreneurs: Cut your schedule in half & boost productivity with the 4 Pillars of Time Management

What you’ll learn

  • Boosting your Productivity and Time Management: the difference between being productive and busy
  • The foundation of time management specifically for Entrepreneurs: setting your path to your big dream
  • Time Management: not only HOW to do things effectively but also WHAT to do
  • The four essential pillars of excellent Time Management: Planning, Focus, Automation and Delegation
  • The simple but very effective Productivity Planner to manage your Time (explained and free download)
  • How to manage your small business for exponential growth – without the business growing over your head

Do you want to learn how to skyrocket your productivity while cutting your schedule in half?

You have always wondered why common Time Management tips and tricks did not work for you as an Entrepreneur?

Do you feel that you rather have a job than your own business? Feeling a longing to escape the prison of yours?

Or you are thinking about starting a business, but are afraid that it will take over your whole life?

Welcome to “The Time Management Revolution“!

Most other Time Management courses are directed at employees of big companies — although most businesses are small ones.

This course finally fills the gap for those who don’t just want to be effective and productive in how they do things, but also who want to learn what it takes to be a good Entrepreneur.

This course is based on the four essential pillars of successful time-management.

  1. Planning – the foundation of Time Management:It does not make sense to save minutes while losing years, nor to increase the speed when you are in the wrong way.Productivity only counts if you accomplish the things that pave the way to who and what you want to become.We do not plan to fail, but we rather fail to plan. But how do we plan right? How could we increase the probability of reaching our long-term goals?

    In this section, I will introduce to you the effective productivity planner that I use. You can download it and use it for yourself.

  2. Focus – how to manage your time with the right priorities:Some always have great ideas, but never manage to start to work on them. Why? Because they always get something else — another more promising idea.Others are trying to do too many things at once. While trying to keep too many balls up in the air, they lose control, and all balls fall to the ground.Not a few are chased around by the upcoming problems that dominate their day. They are firefighters who continuously work on at least one fire that keeps them busy every day, all week long.

    But busy does not mean productiveMovement is not necessarily progression.

    The answer to these three problems is the right focus. Guided by the planing — the first pillar — focus helps to stay on what is essential.

  3. Automation – boost your productivity and Time ManagementSome are trying to reinvent the wheel, again and again, to improve it. Others use the success formula of the successful. Watching the process of small businesses to become big international players like Amazon or McDonald’s will help to get a good understanding of what Automation means. You can use the same system for yourself by copying their way.Think like a franchisor, create your business in such a way that you can duplicate it without any problem.Thus, you can scale your business without getting overloaded or worn out.

    Create a system and the needed processes to train new employees quickly. This does not only make things faster, eliminating training time and unneeded searching but also ensures quality and thus customer satisfaction.

    SYSTEM that stands for “Save Yourself Stress, Time, Effort and Money”. A system that is running and could be continually improved.

    Do you know what a possible investor looks for? He or she is not just looking for great people, because great people could leave, get sick or — at the worst — suddenly die. She or he will look for a system that is working.

    Learn how to start a company the right way. To make it run without you.

  4. Delegation – An essential Time Management Skill:Delegation is a must for everyone who wants to take his business off the ground. To be honest, I am terrible at doing the things that I do not like to do. I assume that you are just the same. Does it sound too good to be true that someone could like the stuff that we can’t stand? Who finishes it in better quality and quicker than we could?Some entrepreneurs would feel wrong to delegate or outsource their work. To them, it seems like they are not doing what they should do. As if they are not faithful to the task set before them.However, the moment, the understanding of what an entrepreneur is, sinks in — things will start to change.

    This course will tell you how to know when to delegate and when you should not, by giving the real understanding of the worth of your time.

It is not about tricks, tactics and strategies that improve your productivity by 5, 10 or 15 % but rather a Time Management Revolution.

It shows the proven path of getting free from being trapped in your own business.

Time Management is not only about HOW to do things (efficiency etc.) but also of WHAT to do. To know what to do is just as essential, as knowing how to do something.

You are going to learn not to work “in” but to work “on” your business. Get a good look of an outside investor to spot and solve the weaknesses of your company because you and your business are not the same.

If you are the business, guess what would happen if you get sick, leave or take time off? Yes, you are right; there would be no business until you come back.

This course is going to teach and coach you to get the right mindset to start and run your business successfully. It is about getting the proper understanding and chunking it down to small executable daily steps.

Time is your most valuable resource. If you have time, you can improve your business idea, develop the breakthrough innovation or get more investors to join your vision.

Don’t be like Louis E. Boone who sarcastically said:

“I am definitely going to take a course on time management … just as soon as I can work it into my schedule”.

Buy now and see me inside. I am looking forward to meeting you.

Who this course is for:
  • Small Business owners, Entrepreneurs and Employers
  • Future Entrepreneurs who are thinking to start a business

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